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The Back Post 05/11: Movember with a side of L1

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Disclaimer: this (and future) editions of The Back Post may have been written by a ghost writer on behalf of the Chair. Please don’t mistake apparent enthusiasm for a change in outlook for the normal author.

Welcome to the second edition of the Back Post this week. You all look beautiful today. 

This weekend on our home turf we have the L1, L4, M2, and M5 on at Lee Valley while at JO the L7, M7, M9 look to add another 3 points to the table at Fortress Orwell. 

Also, today on Easy Fundraiser you can 'Spin to Win'. All you have to do is sign up to Easy Fundraiser, spin the wheel to enter and our club will have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a cash donation. Info on registering for Easy Fundraiser can be found on the Wappinghc instagram stories. Click here to register. 

November brings us a very exciting month with a lot to look forward to. Please read on for details on Movember, our #WatchYour1s campaign, a spotlight on our Ladies 1s and a little piece from our press and social teams. 

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend, have a great Friyay. 

Xoxo, Ghost writer. 


You may have heard rumours this week surrounding the withdrawal of the L6 from the league. With a heavy heart I can confirm these rumours are indeed true. We are still working our way through the post-covid landscape and understanding its impact on the club and have come to this decision in close consultation with the affected players and captains. We now look forward to our remaining teams being bolstered by our L6 squad and for less reliance on the heroes who have doubled us this far. Onwards and upwards.

Anna and Tash will now co-captain the L7, with Steele and Isa co-captaining the L8s.


Now that November is here and the weather dips below 10 degrees. One starts to notice a little something start to grow on the upper lip of men across the country. Thankfully it is not just to keep their lovely faces warm, but to also bring awareness to a very important cause - Movember. 

Starting in Australia in 2003, Movember works to support mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. With alarming statistics on male suicide all over the world they aim to establish a better social connection in communities across the world, so that no one has to work through their low points alone. They also seek to bring awareness to the signs and symptoms of prostate and testicular cancer. The work they do truly improves the quality of life for men all over the world which is why we are so thrilled that our M3s are participating in the cause again this year. 

Only six days in and our M3 have already posted an update on their progress. If you missed it you can catch it on our instagram! But keep your eyes peeled for more content as they showcase their impressive moustaches! If you would like to support them on their journey and donate to their fundraiser then please follow this link through, here

To learn more about the work they do and how you can get involved in the cause visit the Movember website here.


This week we are putting the Ladies 1s in the ‘spotlight’ more specifically, Siobhan (Cider) Stewart as she so kindly took the time to answer some of our deepest yearning questions on the Ladies game plan to finally win the league this season! Read on for a fun and flirty look inside the L1 team. 

What are the team's goals this season? Do you think promotion is finally in the cards for the L1’s? (no shade intended) 

We no longer believe in SMART KPIs. As a team, we engage only in the higher order experiences of sorrow in defeat, triumph in victory, and delight in post game cans. They’ve not yet written text books about our approach, but we assume it’s only a matter of time. 

Other than Matts infamous 40 minute pre game talk - what are some pre game rituals of the L1s?

Oh you know the usual… taking detours to Woking for new sticks, losing the shirts, finding the shirts, finding a playlist, fighting over the playlist, drinking enough coffee to make an elephant jittery, and then settling in for Matt’s epic 40 min speech. All in a day's work. 

With so many new players this season, how is the team dynamic?

It's been tough to be honest, one of the new joiners has posed us serious challenges. Never does what Matt says, unable to maintain any sort of focus, and is quite frankly a prima donna when forced to sit on the bench. 

However… now Chewie has his bed, water bowl, and dog treats on the sideline, we’re confident the dynamic between team and mascot will only improve

The team has had such a strong start, going for your 5th win in a row this weekend, how is the team keeping the momentum going?

We always have high numbers at training. Simple as that.


Following our very successful Ladies #Watchyour1s campaign, we are continuing on with our Mens campaign on 13/11/2021 at 6pm.  

#WatchYour1s a contest hosted by the Hockey Paper, which looks to promote the attendance at hockey matches across the country. To enter the competition Wapping will submit footage of our fan turnout for both the ladies and mens games along with other gameday shenanigans to the Hockey Paper, the club that manages the best turnout and documentation will win a cash prize £££££.

This is a great opportunity to showcase our club culture and get some national exposure. Therefore, we will be encouraging all club members to make their way to the Lee Valley Fortress on the 13th of November for the men's game. In addition to some quality national league hockey, of course we will be pairing it up with some social goings on -  there will be a ‘fan zone karaoke’ halftime show and plenty of Carling. We know there is nothing you would rather do on a Saturday night than snuggle up in the LV stands, embarrass yourself in karaoke, and neck a subpar beer. So join us at LV and at the afterparty which will be at Dough Daddy, all players will get a wristband which gives 10% off all food and drinks!


Again, we want to give a big thank you to all the teams that participated in the Halloween social last weekend. And congrats to the L5 on your immaculate stages of Britney costume (and also for breaking our instagram with all your DMS. We love the commitment).

As well as a HUGE thank you to Kathryn Geal who worked behind the scenes to make it all happen! 

Men’s #WatchYour1s - 13/11/2021

Christmas Social - 11/12/2021

Derby Social - 29/01/2021

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